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When you want to build a high-quality project, you start with the foundations.

Composition is indeed the first stage of musical creation, and the most important.

We offer you 4 hours in our 91 recording studio with a composer to create the music that suits you.


A composition is based on the combination of a harmonic line (series of chords) and a melodic line (series of notes). Our composer and arranger, creates original music by your side, while respecting the rules of each musical style. Composing personalized music is the perfect way to express your identity.

Our composer is able to shape an entire piece from a simple melody or harmony. He can also transform an arrangement played in one musical style, to adapt it to another. Either way, we customize your instrumental exactly as you imagine it.

Blockstudio brings you exceptional sound quality. Our team of composers not only arranges in all musical styles (pop rock, electro, rnb, hiphop, rap, zouk, film music…), but it also meets the requirements of professional audio quality and the expectations of record companies.

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